NSF / Creative Industries Summit

October 18, 2024

Venue / Host:
Los Angeles County Department of Economic Opportunity
510 South Vermont Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90020

The NSF / Creative Industries Summit will be a working meeting of about 60-75 leaders from across the creative sector, from Fortune 500 companies, small and medium sized businesses, non-profits, professional societies, guilds, and unions. It will focus on how NSF and organizations in the creative sector can work together to advance key technologies, address societal and economic challenges, and accelerate workforce development.

The summit is a follow-up to NSF’s successful Industry Partnership Summit, which identified the need for sector-specific dialogue. It is being jointly organized by the Innovation, Culture, and Creativity (ICC) team and the National Science Foundation Technology, Industry, and Partnerships (TIP) directorate, with participation of other NSF directorates, including STEM Education (EDU) and Social, Behavioral, and Economic Sciences (SBE).

Key topics for the meeting include:

Discussions from the summit will inform conversations at the ICC project national convening on December 5-6, 2024.

Prior to the in-person summit, there will be opportunities for each participant to attend a brief, small group pre-meeting by Zoom that will provide an opportunity to introduce NSF, TIP, and the ICC project to those that are not already familiar with them.

Participation will be by invitation. Please contact icc@remap.ucla.edu for more information.

More details will be posted to this page in mid-July, 2024.